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Health screening, health checkup
The most widely recommended diagnostic screening test for detecting ailments or health problems
Many medical conditions like diabetes, aches, pains, stress related problems like exhaustion, insomnia can be controlled if they are diagnosed early. The frequency of the medical testing will depend on the age of the patient. Younger patient of age less than 40 are more healthy and do not require regular medical testing, while doctors recommend regular testing for older patients. However some pathological labs may manipulate the result, so it will be advisable to select the lab with care.
Some of the diagnostic/medical tests which are carried out are:
Fasting blood sugar
Uric acid
Liver function test
Lipid Profile
Kidney profile
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

There are also diagnostic test packages for bone and joint, cancer male, female and for diagnosing heart problems. Some of the diagnostic labs offer a free home visit for senior citizens, blood test at home
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