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Memory reading a form of non consensual human experimentation

March 6, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Allegedly bribed by google, tata , the indian government wishes to steal half the hard earned money of a harmless single woman engineer, who incompetent careless R&AW/CBI employees falsely accused without proof, after making extremely flimsy excuses to justify the theft.

In reality the engineer has been put under surveillance, denying her the right to privacy and to earn a fair living. So has also been subjected to non consensual human experimentation , including memory reading experiments, causing great financial losses,
The usual practice is that those who participate in clinical trials are well compensated for the risk that they are taking, in this case instead of compensating the engineer for the different experiments conducted on her, the cunning fraud indian government employees want to steal her hard earned money, without offering a legally valid reason.

If incompetent, careless indian government employees have made a mistake, falsely accusing a innocent harmless citizen, why is the person they falsely accused expected to give up her hard earned money to the indian government, why are indian government employees not being punished for their carelessness .

If the government is honest it should evaluate who benefited from the entire fraud, why is the engineer expected to give up her hard earned money when was the biggest loser