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NTRO employee puneet’s fondness for escorts, good looking women

April 6, 2017 by Posted in: datingescortmenrelationships

Domain investors, seo companies worldwide are aware of the fact that the powerful ntro employee puneet is so blinded by his fondness for good looking women that he is forgetting all his other duties . The domain investor whose impressive resume the cunning fraud ntro employee puneet has stolen, finds that advertisers all over the world are placing ads for escorts on her websites , knowing that the cunning fraud puneet is stalking her for more than 7 years. Allegedly bribed by google, tata , the cunning ntro employee puneet has been extremely ruthless in stalking the domain investors whose resume he has stolen and misused her name.
Now it appears that people are informing others like the japanese that the ntro employee puneet is not connected to the domain investor whose name he has cunningly misused, he is only fond of good looking women and splurges all his money on escorts.
So for a newly registered blog domain name, the advertisers put an ad for japanese escorts on the first page, knowing that ntro employee puneet would notice it and use the services on his next japan trip . Advertisers all over the world are putting ads for escorts and electronic cigarettes on the websites of the domain investor as the google, tata masterminded resume theft fraud has become a big joke worldwide , a source of entertainment.