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Relationships and identity theft

April 7, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized

It is easy to make friends when young , till the twenties however most relationships do not survive middle age, especially if a person is subjected to identity theft by the powerful corrupt indian intelligence and security agencies . The indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely ruthless in stealing the resume, savings of harmless vulnerable indian citizens, especially if they are bribed by large corporates like google, tata to do so .
One of the main steps for identity theft by the indian security and intelligence agencies, especially cbi, involved isolating their victim completely, so that there is no relationship that the person has, the person is completely isolated and cannot trust anyone. every person who will cheat the identity theft victim like the brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar will be rewarded with a R&AW job falsely claiming that these fraud women have the impressive resume of the identity theft victim
The identity theft victim is put under surveillance wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to find out the relationships of the person and then systematically destroy all relationships so that the identity theft is easy to implement.
Close friends and relatives of the victim are usually offered bribes to betray or reveal secrets, and there is usually no one the victim can trust.