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Most relationships do not survive middle age

April 8, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized

The relationship between the film producer Karan Johar and the actress Kajol is an example of a relationship which broke up after 25 years in a high profile manner. Most single people like Karan Johar are fairly isolated in indian society, and most people look at them with pity or someone to be exploited to the maximum extent possible, because they are vulnerable.
Single people are expected to tolerate all the exploitation quietly just because they are not married, and their immediate family members are the only support system that they are likely to have. Till a single person is 40 years of age, he or she is leading a fairly normal life, however after 40, with indian intelligence and security agency employees considering marriage a very important aspect of a persons life, single indian citizens do not get a fair deal, are subjected to many atrocitoes and exploitation
Since most single citizens are wealthy and independent, they do not tolerate the unfair treatment and their relationships with many friends and relatives end in their middle age and they find it difficult to trust anyone again.